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Indian Rice

Basmati Rice, grown exclusively in the Himalayan part of India is, without any doubt, is the king of all varieties of rice. It is nurtured by snow fed rivers. It has long sleek shape and a unique aroma and fragrance which are symbolic to the age old Indian civilization. Of all varieties of rice, it is basmati that is the priciest and best of all. This particular variety of rice lives up to its name. Non-sticky texture and scrumptious nutty flavour makes it the right option for preparing a range of dishes. It is the perfect choice for those food connoisseurs who have fancy for rice. Smooth and silky texture makes it simply the best of the rice available.

It has been praised by poets and preferred by emperors for last many years. In the earlier times, Basmati rice can only be cultivated in the special fields, and was meant only for nobles. As a matter of fact, nobles guarded it and ordinary people were not even allowed to step into those fields. It was a punishable offence. There are several reasons that make this variety of rice unique. Delicately balanced blend of different characteristics like sweet taste, delicate curvature, superfine kernels, soft texture and exquisite aroma makes the entire preparation worth eating.

Aroma and nut flavour that basmati has is incomparable. It is a natural product and cannot be grown artificially. There are no two ways about the fact that Basmati has the highest premium due to its special and unique characteristics.Over the time, several varieties of rice have been cultivated however the aura of Basmati remains the same. It is the nature’s gift to not only to India but to the entire world. Farmers based in the northern region, along the foot of mountain range of Himalaya have been growing it for many years. It is the tropical soil as well as climate which makes for the perfect climate for cultivating Basmati rice.