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Wonder Plant

Rice is one the most popular and widely consumed food grains. In most part of the country, it is prepared daily, and is a major cereal food. Eight nine percent Asians consume rice. There are several reasons that make rice one of the most important parts of diet of many people across the nation. Packets of rice grains are easily available in grocery stores and supermarkets. Only a few people are aware of the journey of rice seedlings till the time they are delivered to the market. Satisfying starving with the bowl of rice gives high nutrition value and energy.

Long gone are the times when preparing rice fields were the tedious and painful task. However, with the advent of technology, the entire process has become a lot easier and hassle free. Nowadays, farmers use machine for farming rice. The entire journey lasts for around 120 days. Rice paddy fields take around four months before they are ready for harvesting. It is for near about thirty days that seedlings spend time in the nursery. Farmers shave leaves and roots are cleaned. Farmers have a back breaker job, and it is nothing less than an eye opener for many people. Rice plants need to be taken care off like children. It is amazing that the rise plants multiple manifolds upon the call of nature exposing their rice womb prior to flowering.

When the plants grow, the fields of rice are flooded. Lack of sufficient water can harden the grains. Water is drained off as soon as rice grains turn mature. There is no denying that harvesting by machines is pocket friendly and easy, however it is manual harvesting which boosts bonding between the farmers.

From a single grain paddy, the harvest occurs between 800 to 1,000 grains. However, weight varies because it depends how farmers took care of the rice plants at the time of growing. Rice has always been the most preferred and an integral part of staple diet of most of the people spread across India.